Tuesday, March 3, 2015

For Chris McAleer's blog, I very much appreciated the ties to the influence of the media in a dystopian future to that of the recent events of Ferguson. This is a scenario in today's reality that is immensely influenced and manipulated by the media. Just like in the Condemned, the media makes certain characters out to be less or more appealing to the audience than others. All of the "contestants" in the game are criminals, and their deaths are desensitized based on their criminality, much like in Ferguson, where racial stereotypes desensitize the death of an African American citizen of the United States. 

Amber Smith's blog also adds to the idea of the desensitization of violent acts in today's society. Her examples add the fact that our culture is constantly and repetitively bombarded with reality TV shows, such as American Idol and Survivor, making us unaware or unconcerned with the real struggles that less fortunate people endure in our society.

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