Sunday, March 1, 2015

Social Media on Society: Dystopian article vs The Condemned

Dystopia with a Difference

- "mass media, on a personal level, can be used to control people's beliefs and behaviors...."

The Condemned 
- many of Breckel's team are aggressive and very into the idea of having the show go viral all over the world

Dystopia with a Difference
- State controlled news programs...convey misinformation by manipulating footage and having reporters present stories that serve the government's interests....."

The Condemned 
- Conrad's past is warped to make him seem more brutal and dangerous, making the show more interesting

Dystopia w/ Difference
- [Katniss] only develops a true critical perspective on the Games when she becomes a participant in them, seeing them for what they really are:elaborate fictions that present themselves as fact." 

The Condemned 
- Breckel's team is able to manipulate various camera angles to show the viewer what it is they want them to see; they are able to create the "elaborate fiction" from reality

- [Collins] worries that the lines are being blurred not only between different types of media but between media and reality, resulting in passivity on the part of viewers

- Breckel's team watches Paco's wife killed and tortured - there's an alarming number of them that are unaffected by the brutality of the murder

What both of these sources agree on is that the media is able to manipulate the events of personas very life, changing not only the actions of an individual, but also how society is able to view that individual's actions. Media becomes a tool that is used to harm, and in the case of Hunger Games and the Condemned, it becomes a deadly weapon. 

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