Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why Did I Choose “The Wonderful World of the Hunger Games” as my SIS?

               For as long as I remember, my interests in life have been films – the viewing, the creation, and the overall admiration of cinema. As a child, my mother would always let me rent (over and over) the 1933 King Kong. I have since watched it hundreds of times, never once losing interest in the classic tale.

               Growing up, my interest into more sophisticated films increased, and has particularly swung towards a love for Science Fiction, and a dwelling into the worlds of fictitious creatures – of monsters, robots, aliens, and space. I especially enjoy when the elements of the fictitious meet the modern day world, through events such as apocalypses, invasions, etc.

               I was first introduced to the Hunger Games by my younger brother, who read it as a class requirement. My brother is not the type of person to overly enjoy books. However, I was intrigued when he said he really liked the book. I decided to give the first Hunger Games a crack, and I thought it was fantastic (Shortly afterwards I saw the films and the one thing I missed the most was having Katniss narrate the story).

 Because one of my two majors is Cinema I picked this class because, having read the first Hunger Games and seen all the movies so far, I thought it would be extremely interesting to analyze the series from a storytelling point of view. I also realize that it could be very interesting, with my other major being Psychology, to analyze the effects that the Games (and Panem) have on Katniss on a psychological level.

               I mentioned this in class, but my favorite character is Prim Everdeen. I can relate her to my  little sister, who grew up with two older brothers ten years older than her and has experienced many moments in her life that leave her wounded emotionally (i.e. her grandmother dying and her parents fighting). This has made my sister – her name is Emily – a stronger character in the family. This is what I seeing Prim – a girl who is young, innocent, but strong.