Sunday, May 3, 2015

Final Blog for the Class

Looking back at what I've learned this semester, I am very content with the amount of different perspectives we as a class were able to view the Hunger Games trilogy in. I am fascinated specifically by the gender roles exploration we did in class and how that may affect/inspire the gender roles to be mixed up in adventure narratives of the future (Perhaps a Metroid movie? One can dream). 

I also appreciated the look at Appalachian life today, as that was a region of the world that I was not aware of before. How people living with the lowest of incomes and living environments can have their lives destroyed by the destruction of mountain tops - with a lot of what is going on in the media with race and gender, many would overlook (or altogether be unaware) of something as deadly and depriving as this to Americans. 

In terms of "challenging," I would say this class was an ENJOYABLE was of fully analyzing the Hunger Games from all perspectives. For me personally, being a Cinema major, looking at the films in class worked extraordinarily well for my discipline, yet I feel many other people's disciplines weren't as explored as much. 

I also feel that the material was rushed a bit - even with all the delays this semester, we spent a lot of time on the books and not as much on other materials. Could it be possible that only SOME time is spent on books (and have it required that people have read the books beforehand???) and more time on the essays and other materials? 

Overall, I am happy to have taken the Hunger Games SIS, and felt it a good extension of my film knowledge and knowledge of the world around me.